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Another troubling aspect of this is that true mortality is more likely to be much bigger, because in one study they actually did the experiment by releasing dead carcasses offshore and counting how many wash ashore. Only 8% washed ashore. So, it is very likely that more than 264 dolphins died in this incident." PERHAPS THOUSANDS.


I did some research yesterday and made some interesting discoveries, for example, that the coastal area where the dead dolphins were found, Chiclayo, is on the southern edge of a major petroleum exploration basin called Block Z34. Chiclayo is even closer to a major off-shore natural gas field.

The corporations that have been granted permits for exploration and drilling include London-based Gold Oil and the Peruvian corporation Petrotech which is affiliated with BPZ and is believed to be owned now by the governments of South Korea and Colombia. BGP Geo-explorer has been performing 'geophysical exploration' activities in this area over the last year using its 'research vessel' the Pioneer.

The pattern in Peru is EXACTLY the same as what has been happening in New Zealand: anomalous earth-quake activity and unusual strandings of cetaceans in the presence of 'seismic exploration' vessels as well as 'radio frequency installations' or technologies that could easily be integrated into a 'HAARP-based' technetronic weapons network.

That part of Peru has had at least five earthquakes in the past two weeks, including a 4.8 on 11 February, two days after the dolphins began to strand at Chiclayo. This is EXACTLY like what happened in the Christchurch area only two days before the February 22 2011 quake, when a large pod of dolphins became disoriented near Thames and were successfully guided back to sea by thoughtful people.

In addition, an extremely large 'ionospheric research facility' exists a few hundred kms inland from Chiclayo at Jicamarca. This facility, operated by Cornell University, is VERY MUCH like an older version of HAARP. They call it a 'radio-telescope' and indeed, even HAARP can be used for 'listening'. But ANY radio receiver/antenna array can function equally as a transmitter; moreover, it's well known that most if not all of the world's radio-telescope installations function at least in part as ionospheric research instruments, beaming radio/micro-waves in exactly the same way that HAARP does.

"260 Dead Dolphins Scattered on Shoreline of Peru, Just Days After Mysterious U.S. Incident"



The implications are staggering considering the possibility of the integrated weaponization of the world's radio-telescope network. This is not at all a far-out idea and is something I'm delving into right now. The bottom line is that these installations are operated by universities and governments, and that very few people would be aware of or 'in the loop' of everything that each facility was involved with. Different research groups each have their own allocated 'blocks of time' on the telescopes, making it a very compartmentalized process. As well, many existing radio-telescopes already have transmitters installed in them. It wouldn't be that hard for a radio-telescope or array of them to be surreptitiously utilized as transmitters without the knowledge or consent of its overseeing institution...or with their tacit approval for clandestine operations...for 'national security purposes' of course.

And when you have a look at the official web-site for ASKAP...the Australian Square Kilometer Array Project...which concerns the construction of 'the world's largest radio-telescope' consisting of a network of 3000 dishes...guess who two of its major corporate sponsors are:


BAE gets behind the Square Kilometre Array

The defence giant has signed a two-year "Statement of Mutual Interest" to support the multinational project, which is expected to cost around £1.3 billion. BAE's engineers will lend their project management skills in exchange for access to the new radio processing techniques that will be needed to sift through the vast amounts of data generated by the telescope.



IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announced it has successfully prototyped a new software architecture for automating data management, potentially making it easier for researchers to collect usable information from mega-scale data collection projects like the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) global telescope which aims to address unanswered questions about our universe.

BAE, whose director Paula Reynolds is also on the board of directors of Anadarko Petroleum, built the Phase 2 upgrade for the HAARP installation.

IBM has been involved with nefarious computational applications since the concentration camps of the Third Reich. "Mega-scale data collection projects" might also include the 'social radar' data mining enterprise currently being developed by DARPA.

More on all this as I have time to research it in greater detail.



Hi Jeff,

Your blog is really good, congratulations on talking about the issues that really matter for marine mammals. So much destruction of the natural world is currently underway, it is hard to believe.

The incident in Peru is very troubling, because of dolphins' numbers. It is hard to believe that fishermen who have limited resources can cause a blast of such magnitude that 264 dolphins washed ashore. Another troubling aspect of this is that true mortality is more likely to be much bigger, because in one study they actually did the experiment by releasing dead carcasses offshore and counting how many wash ashore. Only 8% washed ashore. So, it is very likely that more than 264 dolphins died in this incident.

Another problem is this case looks very similar to what was described for the incident on March 4, 2011 where a pod of common dolphins swam towards the Navy's controlled underwater explosion. I attached the abstract for you to read. They had a chance to investigate very fresh specimens while dolphins in Peru are very decomposed. This could have been a very large blast, big explosion, highly unlikely local fishermen could create something like that.

Thank you and keep up your good work. We will link to your blog from time to time as we talk about the same issues.


One more thing I forgot to mention.There was also a big quake on Jan. 30 in Peru, but it was not offshore one: http://on.doi.gov/xGW0HD . This guy believes that it could have been responsible http://deafwhale.com/seaquake_solution/ but I still have doubts because a) it happened on Jan 30; b) it was inshore quake; c) if it affected coastal bottlenose dolphins why it took so long for the to wash ashore?

It sure looks like that something happened way offshore and it took weeks for dolphins to start washing ashore.

GOOD RIDDANCE TO WILLIAM ROSSITER OF www.csiwhalesalive.org who today told me to take him off my mailing list as he 'couldn't waste any time.' In soliciting money for his 'save the whales' organization, I take that to mean. See, truth and reality often gets in the way of or proves inconvenient people and organizations whose primary purpose is to get money from the unwitting public. Rossiter's organization states that its purpose is to maximize the "optimum utilization of the whale resources". Rossiter apparently believed Carlos Yaipen's changed story about the fishermen using dynamite and that no oil companies or military activity could possibly be involved. GO UNCLE SAM!


15 FEBRUARY 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012


NOTE FROM JEFF: Important to note that Dr. Carlos Yapien in Peru has just changed his story in the last 24 hours, from reporting that the stranding of 264 dolphins may have been caused by seismic exploration TO NOW that only 17 dolphins stranded AND seismic exploration was NOT involved...it is now dynamite used by fishermen. He's sure about all this now.

I continue here with updates relating to our friends in the sea, the whales and dolphins. At least 264 bottle-nosed dolphins (Flippers) have stranded on the coast of Peru in the past few days.


The dead dolphins were found over a 103 kilometre stretch of sandy beach, said Edward Barriga, an official with Peru's Oceanic Institute (IMARPE).

"We have taken samples to determine the cause of death," said Barriga, speaking from the city of Lambayeque, adding that vast quantities of dead anchovies had also been found in the region.

The dolphins may have been killed by the impact of off-shore oil exploration and drilling in the region, said Carlos Yaipen with ORCA, a non-governmental group that focuses helping ocean creatures in the south Pacific.

The mass dolphin deaths are a "very serious" issue, Mr Yaipen told AFP.

The head of a Lambayeque group representing aquafarmers, Jorge Cabrejos, said the anchovies appear to have eaten contaminated plankton, which then sickened the dolphins that ate the small fish.

I'm going to try to contact Yaipen in Peru. Note the 'group representing aquafarmers' is providing the ubiquitous 'other' reason, 'other' than sonar or seismic exploration...and THIS ONE sounds suspiciously similar to the Christchurch City Council's reason for the bird deaths: 'avian botulism.'

THIS JUST IN: William Rossiter of The Cetacean Society International contacted Dr. Yapien and NOW all of a sudden...guess what...THE STORY HAS CHANGED. Now there's ONLY 17 dolphins and OIL COMPANIES WERE NOT INVOLVED...he knows this FOR SURE...just like Commander Van Will 'had faith' that no cetaceans were affected by his sonar blasts. Yapien was travelling with Reuters people...and who is Reuters? One of the top TWO 'news' services in the world..supplying 'news' to millions of outlets. Translation: they ARE voice of the New World Order globalist agenda in which all-things-military, all-things-hydrocarbon, all-things-nuclear and all-things-toxic are actually 'safe, clean, green and there to help you.'

"Dear Bill,

I just returned last night from the stranding site. Several key findings. I travelled with the personnel of Reuters International (Press Agency) and it is going to be a press release tomorrow. There were not 260+ stranded dolphins. In our survey over 100 Kms between San Jose and Morrope in Lambayeque State, we just found 17 dolphins.

The stranding started last Thursday (Feb 9th) Now Bill, what we found in this mass stranding is that 10 of the 17 animals found dead had broken periotic bones, that is, due to acoustic impact. The source of the impact was from the right side of the pod, since hemorragic internal ear was found in the right side of the stranded animals.

We know that the use of dynamite is common among fishermen, and that fishermen are taking the meat of the stranded dolphins. This could be the cause of death of the animals...however, the signs do not correspond to that of explosive impact in their bodies. We talked today with people from the oil company and they say they haven't performed any seismic exploration in the area this month. However, here in Peru these companies doesn't need to do the seismic assessment themselves.

Sonar used in Juan de Fuca Strait, but marine mammals not harmed, navy says


A Canadian Navy frigate used sonar in the enclosed waters of Juan de Fuca Strait this week, but marine mammals were not endangered, says the ship’s commanding officer.

Cmdr. Scott Van Will, HMCS Ottawa CO, said checks ensured no marine mammals were in the area before low-frequency sonar was used as part of an anti-submarine warfare exercise.

“We have procedures in place. The marine mammal mitigation policy started in 2008 and that pretty much orders me to take some specific steps,” Van Will said.

That includes visual and sound checks which pick up everything from whales to porpoises within a 3,660 metre range, he said.

“I have faith no marine mammals were in the area at that time.”

But whale monitoring and environmental groups say sonar should never be used in the area designated by the U.S and Canada as critical habitat for endangered southern resident killer whales.

WHAT KIND OF FRACKING CRAP IS THIS??? This whole thing smacks of being a form of ritualized mass-murder FAR more than anything MDNAsty can dress up for. The Navy commander 'has faith' that no marine mammals were around...but he WASN'T SURE.

A range of 3660 meters is NOTHING for low or medium-frequency sonar...we already know that these technologies create a 'kill zone the size of Texas.'

Here is an informative video from NRDC about LFA-sonar:


Canada Uses Dangerous Sonar in Waters Protected by U.S.


On Monday morning, a Canadian Navy frigate ran a sonar exercise in the waters of Haro Strait and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington. Incredibly, a good portion of that exercise took place on the U.S. side of the border – in waters we have designated as critical habitat for killer whales under the Endangered Species Act.

MORE FRACKING CRAP FROM MICHAEL JASNY OF NRDC: these people spend most of their time soliciting money then give the Navy a wee little wrist-slap. "Now you boys DON'T DO THAT AGAIN ok or else..." "Or else" what...we'll SLAP YOUR LITTLE WRIST AGAIN! Jasny proclaims that "NRDC will appeal to both the Canadian and U.S. governments to ensure that this patently dangerous activity does not happen in this place again."


They CAN'T. But they CAN give us the impression that they are doing something about it. Note that the NRDC CONTINUES to have 'global warming' as one of it's top 'enemies' to combat.

Finally, note that the REAL reason LFA-Sonar exists is NOT 'to detect quiet submarines' but to protect naval assets while conducting covert operations in areas where they are not supposed to be.


"The Navy's claim is that SURTASS LFA will allow a fleet to detect even the quietest submarines as they lie on the bottom of the ocean waiting to ambush unsuspecting aircraft carriers...

But of more than three dozen mentions of SURTASS LFA in leading defense trade publications since 1990, none have described the system as a counter to quiet subs in the open ocean. The US Navy wants SURTASS LFA for use in littoral (coastal) anti-submarine (ASW) warfare to protect its ships and crew during interventions in foreign lands, where losing even one Navy sailor may prove politically damaging. And this expensive political cover may come at the expense of the health of marine mammals and other wildlife worldwide."


Thursday, 9 February 2012


I only learned an hour ago of this massive and highly unusual dolphin stranding on Cape Cod, Massachusetts It would be no coincidence that the biggest amphibious/marine 'war game' exercise in a decade, called Bold Alligator, is currently taking place all over the eastern seaboard of the USA, rattling some sabres for the coming Operation PERSuasion: The 'Nuking of Iran to Fulfil Biblical Prophecy' Scenario and Other Religiously-inspired Atrocities. All these forces and battle technologies have been amassing in this area for the past month, which is exactly the time span these unusual strandings have been going on. At least two aircraft carriers, the USS ENTERPRISE and the USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH are in this exact area now and have been for a while.

These and many of the other ships would of necessity be operating ALL their forms of radar, sonar, including mid- and low-frequency active systems, not to mention ALL of their 'HAARP'/RF weapons systems, plus all the regular old nuclear and 'conventional' explosive, chemical and biological warfare gear.

Now that I've learned more about the Navy as being the 'mac daddy' of all things nuclear, I think it safe to say that the U.S. Navy may own and operate more nuclear reactors than every other country and branch of the military put together, perhaps even thousands of them. Where do you reckon they dispose of all that high-level waste? They would never just drop it on the bottom of the ocean, would they?

Try if you can to imagine what the marine acoustic and chemical environment must be like for hundreds if not thousands of kilometers in every direction from this immense concentration of all-things-deadly. Imagine how many thousands or tens of thousands of cetaceans might have been 'taken', harassed and/or murdered by this ludicrous spectacle of military necrophilia..."to carry out our national security mission."

Relating to my last post, "U.S. Navy: 'Environmental Stewards' or Agents of Ecocide", archived here:


Note that in the Guardian article below the 'official' liason with the NOAA (U.S. government organization who receives massive funding from the U.S. Navy) tells us MANY totally incredulous reasons why the dolphins stranded...from "swimming too close to shore" to being "confused by changes in water temperature" to "the liability of their strong social bonding." What utterly ridiculous and totally bogus CRAP coming from the brown-encrusted lips of Teri Rowles, obviously a Naval 'pr' operative like the majority of other people in the 'marine biology' business these days.

Dolphins are extremely advanced beings superbly adapted to life in the (pre-industrial civilization) ocean LIGHT-YEARS beyond any 'intelligence' exhibited by homo sapiens. Her embedded message of "social cohesion could sometimes be deadly" sounds to me like a psy-ops meme designed to keep people from cooperating with each other, what do you reckon?


The Navy Connection

1. In Cornwall event the Navy connection was well established, but not proven 100 %

2. In Cape Cod event nobody connects the Navy to the event even though it is known that Naval exercises COMPTUEX have been and possibly still ongoing somewhere in Atlantic Ocean.

As the unusual mass stranding of common dolphins at Cape Cod continues, it is perhaps pertinent to revisit another, quite similar mass stranding of common dolphins in Cornwall, UK in 2008.

The UK event was as unusual as the Cape Cod one because it involved scores of dolphins stranded in a short period of time compared to average stranding numbers during other months of the same year. 26 dolphins died in that event, while during other months the numbers of stranded dolphins ranged from 1 to 4. Luckily the Cornwall event was very thoroughly investigated.

As far as numbers go, here is a part of report `In total, approximately 40 common dolphins stranded or attempted to strand alive at various locations: Porth Creek (24 dead, one stranded/euthanized, approximately seven refloated), Gillan Creek (five to seven refloated), Place (one refloated) and Trelissick (one stranded/euthanized). Over the course of the day, over 70 animals are believed to have been guided out to sea by rescuers. One additional dead dolphin was reported on 11th June, although the species was unconfirmed and the body was not recovered.`

Dolphins were also seen milling close to shore prior to the onset of the mass stranding event.

In Cornwall event it was very quickly established that the Royal Navy was doing a whole bunch of activities in the area, including Medium Range sonar, submarine activities, aircraft activities, explosions, etc.

The report on Cornwall event concluded that “The link to the naval exercise, while not proven, seemed the most plausible explanation for the adverse behaviour of the dolphins and is the most likely trigger for the mass stranding event.


" 'It's not unheard of for dolphins to swim too close to shore', said Teri Rowles, who heads the marine mammals division of NOAA, the government agency that monitors oceans. 'The Cape Cod area is a hot spot for mass strandings,' she said. But Rowles suggested the animals could have become confused by changes in water temperature or tides that led them into Cape Cod Bay, or by the irregular features of the coastline. There is also the possibility the dolphins could have been victims of their own natural sociability, simply following one another to their doom. 'These are very intelligent animals with very large brains, but there is something about the way they bond to one another,' Moore said. Those strong bonds serve the dolphins well in the wild. When they get into trouble, the dolphins stick together. But Moore added that social cohesion could sometimes be deadly. 'That bond becomes a liability when they get into shallow water, and that may be why they mass strand.' "

Or maybe it was a few LFA-SONAR blasts from the USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH air-craft carrier?


"With beach landings, 25 naval ships and an air assault, the United States and eight other countries are staging a major amphibious exercise on the US East Coast this week, fighting a fictional enemy that bears more than a passing resemblance to Iran... Bold Alligator is 'the largest amphibious exercise conducted by the fleet in the last 10 years,' said Admiral John Harvey, head of US Fleet Forces Command...About 20,000 US forces, plus hundreds of British, Dutch and French troops as well as liaison officers from Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Australia are taking part in the exercise along the Atlantic coast off Virginia and North Carolina.




Sunday, 5 February 2012


"By integrating environmental stewardship and modern science, the Navy is committed to using sonar responsibly and furthering the world's understanding of the ocean and its inhabitants as we carry out our national security mission.” U.S. Navy propagandists

"...In many regions, the Navy plans to increase the number of its exercises or expand the areas in which they may occur...In all, the Navy anticipates more than 2.3 million takes (significant disruptions in marine mammal foraging, breeding, and other essential behaviors [or deaths]) per year, or 11.7 million takes over the course of a five-year permit..." Senator Barbara Boxer

The purpose of this posting is to identify and draw attention to a blatant example of what I call ‘military-industrial green-washing’, which is the utilization of the full spectrum of ‘perception management’, ‘public relations’ and ‘engineering of consent’ techniques to convince an unwitting and uncritical public that all-things-military, all-things-industrial, all-things-bureaucratic, all-things-nuclear, and all-things-deadly are actually life-sustaining, absolutely safe, clean, green, harmful to no one or no thing, and are in fact there for the benefit of you and the environment.

What we are witnessing in the arenas of what was formerly ‘public discourse’ but is now closer to ‘willingly consumed media dictatorship’ is a not-so-subtle blend of Orwellian double-speak, unbounded euphemism, unlimited funding, and Hitlerian ‘big lie’ all rolled into a seemingly savoury load for you to swallow. From the think-tanks of infotoxin where “truth is our weapon” psy-ops advertologists crank it out, messages like “100% Clean and Green New Zealand” to “Environmental Mining helps Australia” to “Strontium-90 is a Nutrient”, “Water is not a cure for dehydration”, and our all-time favourite, "safe levels of radiation", please welcome the latest contribution from the U.S. Navy on their new 'green' role as 'environmental stewards.' (see video link below)

The Navy funds and/or directly controls almost ALL marine biology researchers and institutions in the western world. They would have us believe that the reason they spend tens of billions of $ annually on ‘research’ is so that they can do a better job of protecting the environment. The truth is a little different; for example, the Navy alone owns and operates more nuclear reactors than America and western Europe put together. Put simply, they specialize in weapons systems; mass-media is the biggest weapons system ever created.

Another de facto ‘weapons system’ indirectly targeting any life-form in the sea is towed-array seismic exploration technologies using compressed air guns whose sound pressure levels can, like LFA-sonar, exceed 250 dB. This is a trillion times louder than a Rolling Stones concert from the front row. Hundreds of ‘geophysical exploration’ vessels can be in operation at any given time, all with ‘kill zones the size of Texas.’ Not that many would be needed for a "kill zone the size of the Earth."

Remember, too, that the Navy was bringing LFA-sonar on-line at the same time that they were deploying HAARP, in the mid-1990's. These are classified as 'non-lethal weapons.'

IMPORTANT: Note that this video was uploaded by Navy personnel on the 24th of January 2012. Only two weeks earlier, on the 6th of January, the Federal Registry published the ‘permit request’ from NOAA on behalf of the Navy to “take” unspecified numbers of marine mammal species from 70 species of cetaceans and 24 species of pinnipeds. A similar permit application from a year or two ago actually requested a ‘take’ limit of 11.5 million animals. The current permit application has different wording, thanks to NDAA, that is more vague and actually allows for unlimited 'takes.'

In the same way that critics of Zionist ideologies may incorrectly yet conveniently be labeled as ‘anti-Semitic’, and in the same way that critics of ‘global warming’ and the ‘demonization of carbon’ agendas may incorrectly yet conveniently be labeled as ‘supporters of the mining industry’, don’t for a minute think that just because I’ve done enough homework to know that whaling and dolphin slaughter are not the biggest threats to cetaceans, that I am defending what the Japanese are doing. I didn't write any poems celebrating the destruction of Fukushima like Capt. Paul Watson did, but do you…



Navy Sonar and Environmental Stewardship

“Marine mammals rely on underwater sound to survive. Similarly, the U.S. Navy depends on sonar for defending our ships at sea. To continue its mission and protect marine mammals, the Navy has studied the potential effects of its sonar activities and developed protective measures to minimize potential impacts to marine mammals. In addition, the Navy is a major funder of marine mammal research. Scientists like Dr. Darlene Ketten at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution conduct groundbreaking research to better understand how marine mammals hear and how they may be affected by manmade sound.
By integrating environmental stewardship and modern science, the Navy is committed to using sonar responsibly and furthering the world's understanding of the ocean and its inhabitants as we carry out our national security mission.”


A Texas-Sized Kill Zone:
Navy's Submarine-Detecting Sonar Has Harmful Side Effects for Marine Life

"The U.S. Navy has developed an extremely powerful Low Frequency Active (LFA) sonar to detect "quiet" submarines, and it has applied for a permit from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to deploy it. However, based on newly available scientific information, this low frequency sonar produces a high intensity sound that, at 150 to 160 decibels, can kill whales, other marine mammals and marine fish by rupturing the delicate membranes surrounding the lungs, swim bladder, or other enclosed air spaces.

The second lethal effect of LFA sonar involves the activation of supersaturated gas in marine animals' blood and in their cells to form small bubbles which can block the flow of blood in the brain (causing stroke) and can rupture the cell walls. This effect will be greatest in deep-diving animals (such as bluefin tuna, swordfish, bigeye tuna and deep-diving whales) that will have the highest levels of supersaturated gasses in their blood and cells.

The source level of this sonar is 240 decibels (equivalent to the intensity of a Saturn rocket). But, because low frequency underwater sound can travel hundreds of miles with little loss of power, it will actually create a "kill zone" several hundred miles in diameter. NATO naval exercises using low frequency sonar conducted off Greece in 1996 killed whales that were more than 100 km away. In the final EIS for its sonar system, the Navy admits that an intensity of 160 decibels (a lethal level) will be felt several hundred miles away from the source. This will create a "Kill Zone" the size of Texas.

The Navy says it wants to deploy this sonar in 80% of the world's oceans (omitting only the Arctic and Antarctic)"






"The Navy is facing existing and emerging threats from foreign naval forces. For example, several non-allied nations are fielding new, quiet submarines. New anti-ship, submarine-launched cruise missiles are also being introduced. When quiet submarines and anti-ship cruise missiles are combined, they pose a formidable threat to our sailors and Marines, who are called upon to project power from the sea and maintain open sea lanes.Show citation box In order to successfully locate and defend against these threats, our sailors must train realistically with both active and passive sonar. In executing anti-submarine (ASW) missions, sonar is the key to survival for our ships and sailors.

The employment of SURTASS LFA will enable the Navy to meet the clearly defined, real-world national security need for improved ASW capability by allowing Navy Fleet units to reliably detect quieter and harder-to-find foreign submarines underwater at long range, thus providing adequate time to react to and defend against the threat, while remaining a safe distance beyond a submarine's effective weapons range.

The U.S. and its military forces must have the ability to project power decisively throughout the world. A key to the ability of the U.S. and its military forces to project power is the protection of U.S. and allied forward deployed Naval units against the threat of opposing force submarines. Of the approximately 500 non-U.S. submarines in the world, 224 are operated by non-allied nations."


"On August 17, 2011, NMFS received an application from the U.S. Navy requesting authorization for the take of individuals of 94 species of marine mammals (70 cetaceans and 24 pinnipeds), by harassment, incidental to upcoming routine training and testing of the SURTASS LFA sonar system, as well as the use of the system on a maximum of four U.S. Naval ships during military operations in certain areas of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea from August 16, 2012 through August 15, 2017. The National Defense Authorization Act of 2004 (NDAA; Pub. L. 108–136) amended the MMPA by removing the 'small numbers' and ‘specified geographical region' provisions and amended the definition of 'harassment' as it applies to a 'military readiness activity.'"


"...In many regions, the Navy plans to increase the number of its exercises or expand the areas in which they may occur, and virtually every coastal state will be affected. Some exercises may occur in the nation's most biologically sensitive marine habitats, including National Marine Sanctuaries and breeding habitat for the endangered North Atlantic right whale. In all, the Navy anticipates more than 2.3 million takes (significant disruptions in marine mammal foraging, breeding, and other essential behaviors) per year, or 11.7 million takes over the course of a five-year permit..."

Please note that NOAA is receiving funding from the Navy and has been issuing permits for the U.S. Navy to proceed with these warfare programs with limited mitigation measures in place. It should also be noted that most studies being conducted at this time are allegedly funded by the Navy with their participation. The ability of NOAA working as a funded partner with the Navy leads one to believed that their test results will be biased in favor of the Navy.


U.S. Navy's Low Frequency Active Sonar Research Exposed

"...a Canadian Broadcast Company report titled "New military sonar harms whales: scientist" found at:


This article cites Dr. Tyack as stating that the LFAS is no more harmful to the whales than the noise from whale watching boats. While there may be differences of opinion on the potential damage LFA can do to whales, there are few in the scientific community who could compare the power of LFA with the noise from a whale watch boat.

In the past, Dr. Tyack attempted to walk the line of keeping his scientific integrity while interpreting his results in a manner designed to avoid alienating his potential naval funding. Dr. Tyack appears to have gone over completely to the Navy's position. The objectivity of his research is thereby further compromised.

With the obvious interest of citizens and organizations internationally and members of the U.S. Congress in the LFAS program, the actions of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the National Marine Fisheries are a disservice to the public and the public interest." Lanny Sinkin

"What's the difference between the Pacific Ocean and the Dead Sea?"

"The Pacific's a lot bigger."